Who the hell am I!?

I'm 41 years old now and I have no idea about who the hell I am!

In my professional working life; I'm a computer programmer aka developer and a designer. I worked for digital industry more than 20 years. I design and build websites, mobile applications, games, backends for major companies and worldwide advertising agencies. Also I manage teams, design projects on my own companies. You can find my professional resume on Linkedin.

After many years with latest technologies, I left the city. Moved to the small seaside town called Bodrum in Turkey. Infact I hate technology :)


I love robots and steampunk. I'm managing a Instagram community called Robodsaid for a while. If you like robot sculptures, toys and designs you shoud check it out here on Instagram. Also you can follow Robotsaid on Facebook.

My upcycled pieces are hand crafted. They all upcycled from various things like typewriters, old radios, control panels etc. Also I'm using various kind of woods. They are may contain scratches, holes and deformed areas. I found those imperfections are a reflection of our daily life. If you are looking for a flawless product then you are at the wrong place.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact.