DragonBones to Defold Engine Workflow

Spine is a great tool for sure. But if you are a poor game dev like me, $299 price tag is too much šŸ™‚ There is a free alternative called DragonBones. DragonBones is not the open source project(gladly) and developed with good-old-gold Adobe Air using Flex. Flex is a quite old tech andĀ DragonBones has problems especially about the Spine exporter.

Defold has build-inĀ Spine supportĀ  with limitations. So we can export anims as Spine json from DragonBones and use them in Defold right?
Nope, it is not that easy. Mostly, DragonBones’s Spine exporter just cause problems. For example; latest version of DragonBones(5.6.1) doesn’t export the size information for Spine.

So how can we fix this? Before we start, you need DragonBones Tools.Ā  Tools is a command line json converter.Ā  You can convert Spine json to DragonBones json orĀ vice versa. But most importantly it is written with TypeScript, open source and updated more frequently than DragonBones itself. If you have a problem with Tools you can simply fix it by yourself. But the Tools is not very well documented and converting files little tricky.

Let’s start…

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