Bullseye belonged to Imperial Army and it served Darth Vader many times. I found it on a starship destroyer’s wreck.

Main plastic body is made from a angle grinder’s back and small back wheel is from a old tape player. Eye is a old engine’s indicator(glass).

It has a 3 way switch as a nose which I found on a U.S. Army Radar Receiver Panel. Also the cables are from same Radar Receiver Panel. You can see the Radar Receiver Panel here.

Front wheel and other parts are came up from misc equipments.

Bullseye’s front and back wheels are adjustable. It stands by it’s own. But it is hard to balance it correctly. So I will deliver it with a platform for make it more stable. Platform is made from an old turntable’s parts.

This upcycled piece may contain scratches, holes and deformed areas. Those imperfections are a reflection of our daily life.

Weight: 0.45 kg
Dimensions: 17 x 9 x 25 cm (LxWxH)
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WOOCS 1.2.1