@Unity3D Sprites And Bones – 2D skeleton animation

There are paid solutions like Spine2D, SmoothMovesPuppet2d for 2D bone animations. Especially Puppet2D look great. But there is a Open source -free- alternative with useful functionalities; Unity Sprites And Bones developed by @TheRealBanbury. For my first Unity learning project it works great. I am wondering how Mesh deformation works.. I’ll try it soon…

Get it from Git: https://github.com/Banbury/UnitySpritesAndBones



Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 14.00.40

Fix broken animation paths/hierarchy @Unity3D

As a dummy @Unity3D i made a mistake at my workflow and i had to change my GameObject’s position at hierarchy. But it brokes my animations.  Damn! All those keyframes turns yellow 🙂 After a little search i found SebastianKrośkiewicz ‘s Editor script. It saved my day. With that simple editor, you can change the paths of animations manually.

Here is the GitHub link: https://github.com/s-m-k/Unity-Animation-Hierarchy-Editor

Performance issues for dummies like me @Unity3D

After adding some lights and shadows to the scene i am having serious performance problem at the device. I had 20 draw calls but frame rate is always droping to 27-30 from 60.

First of all as usual lights, effects performance a lot. But if your light is not so important changing lights Render Mode to Not Important really drops draw calls. But you are losing light quality. So use it wisely.



Other stupid solution is about the Targer Resolution. You can find it at the Build Settings. When you creat a new project at Unity Target Resolution is Native (default device resolution). That effects my mobile performance a lot. When i change it to the Auto(Best Performance) it runs smoothly at 60 fps at iPhone 4s and iPad 3.