Devlog – No Nation / 1


I started to learn Defold Engine couple months ago. I love it and I decided to build something with it.

No Nation is a kind of narrative – adventure – action game without jumping 🙂 I don’t want to share the narrative details yet.  Story take place in 1940’s. You are a mobster and there is a world wide dictatorship like Nazis.

Example Pixel Arts From Game

This is the initial/prototype drawing just for the entrance the first level. I already made changes on this, it is not the final.

Ansible The computer



Test Videos

There are lots of missing drawings and animations, but I already complete the main character movements, gun aiming and swapping.

In this video, I am testing initial tilemaps, OpenAL, some particles, aiming and bullets. This is the early development video.

In this video, added the magazine reloading, bullets and gun swapping. Also I change the characters moving animation. Reloading animations are still missing.


It is possible to extend core engine on Defold with Native Extensions.  You can  use  C, C++, Objective C, Java or Javascript,  depending on target platform.

Since there isn’t a build-in culling in Defold, I need a way to detect offscreen objects.  I found that best way to do it for large amount of moving objects is using Dynamic AABB Trees. So I decided to build my own native extension for this purpose.  You can find it on Github.  Basically it is a broad phase collision detection library. But I also added experimental narrow phase collision detection library (tinyc2) to it.

Right now I’m implementing my DAABBCC library into the game logic. Meanwhile I’m also working on character dialogs.